Sort Of
Deadmau5 isn't shy about expressing his opinion on the skill involved with DJ-ing. He released a sensational blog post a little while ago asserting that modern DJs just push 'play'. It caused a few big DJs to have hissy fits and twitter their balls off about how much work/practice/skill/talent is involved in DJ performances. It was all pretty silly. We think Deadmau5 was pretty spot on with his assessment. You'd be hard pressed to find many pros still putting in actual LIVE work into their DJ sets. The truth is 99% of people at shows can't tell when a DJ is doing something and when he isn' in the end, it doesn't matter. Here's a hilarious video of Deadmau5 showing an audience how easy it is to DJ one of his shows. He has a special giant touchscreen facing the audience so that everyone can see. He cheekily has his back turned to the audience and periodically turns around as if to point at the screen and say 'see? pretty simple, right?'. In all seriousness - our respect has greatly increased for this guy. More people should know the truth. It doesn't take away from the music. As you can see in the video, everyone's still having a great time. It's a matter of showing DJ-ing for what it is, and not adding to the trend of thinking that DJ performances are on par with LIVE INSTRUMENT bands. The more you know...