Sort Of
What Kinda ___ Are You Guys On?
What Kinda ___ Are You Guys On?
Uppers - downers....over-the-counters Prescriptions got me lifted, I take two or more an hour Heroin, ecstasy, shrooms, or the powder Druggz, druggz, druggz, druggz, druggz - I devour (DRUGGZ) I gotta lot of class, but I like to shake my ass Me 'n my girls just want to dance Said "HEY DJ, BRING THAT BEAT BACK!" You think you met your match You give me all your cash Silly boy, don't make me laugh! You only want me for my stash... DANK KUSH, mary jane...smoke so good I hydroplane Acid and the purple rain, on more cocaine than Kurt Cobain O.D. I'm 'a overdose, black out and I'm comatose Probably get so high I'll find a leprechaun's pot of gold. Sort Of (Feat. Dank Kush & Squish) - DRUGGZ